Choosing the Right Bottle Top Dispenser

A Bottle Top Dispenser is a widely used scientific apparatus that helps in dispensing chemical reagents (acids, bases, alkalis, etc.). It is popularly used in academic research, food & beverage industry, biotechnology labs, wineries, distilleries and many more industries.

What is a Bottle Top Dispenser?

A Bottle Top Dispenser is a widely used scientific apparatus that helps in dispensing chemical reagents (acids, bases, alkalis, etc.). It is popularly used in academic research, food & beverage industry, biotechnology labs, wineries, distilleries and many more industries.

Although the process of dispensing can be carried out manually, it possesses risks like spilling of chemicals, inaccurate measurement of the reagents and even fatal lab accidents. To prevent such hazards and enhance lab safety, Bottle Top Dispensers are one of the best dispensing alternatives available to scientists.

The Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers, through intensive research, have solved the biggest problem that users face: Re-filling the bottle and rinsing the instrument without the need to dismount it from the bottle.

How to Select the Right Bottle Top Dispenser

There is a variety of Bottle Top Dispensers and each of them can be used for specific purposes. While choosing the right dispenser one should keep in mind the following points:

1. The Capacity of the Dispenser

Bottle Top Dispensers come in both fixed and variable volume ranges models. The most popular amongst them is the variable volume model which allows the user to select the volume to dispense, based on the volume range and volume increments supported. The volume can either be adjusted manually with the help of a knob or a dial or electronically through a control panel.

The Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers – Ultimus, Beatus, Scitus & Lentus™ – are also available in variable volumes.

2. Chemical Compatibility

While choosing a Bottle Top Dispenser, the user must check for the chemical compatibility of the dispenser. A chemically compatible dispenser delivers accurate results and also enables easy maintenance. Generally, the compatibility of a chemical with a dispenser can be grouped into four main categories. These include acids, bases, solvents, and highly corrosive liquids.

For instance, strong chemicals like Hydrofluoric Acid and other High Purity Media cannot be dispensed using a normal dispenser, owing to their corrosive properties. To address this problem, we launched Microlit Lentus™ that has been designed with carefully selected & tested materials to safely & accurately dispense highly aggressive chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid directly from the reservoir bottle. Check out the compatibility charts for Microlit Scitus and Microlit Beatus.

3. The Viscosity of the Reagent

The viscosity of the reagent is another important point that a user must consider before choosing a Bottle Top Dispenser. Highly viscous reagents with a kinematic viscosity between 75 and 500 mm™/second will require careful selection while reagents below 75 mm2/second can be used with efficiency dispensers.

The Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers can be readily used with liquids with viscosities up to 500 cp which covers most oils.

Benefits of a Bottle Top Dispenser

1. Accuracy & Precision

Bottle Top Dispensers enhance the accuracy and precision of your daily lab work. They are known to offer 0.5% – 0.6% accuracy (approx).

2. Time Saved

One of the biggest advantages of a Bottle Top Dispenser is that it enhances productivity by increasing the pace of work. Traditionally, it would take hours to prepare multiple samples of the same quantity by pouring it manually from the source container to the receiver. However, Bottle Top Dispensers enable the user to prepare multiple samples in a short time.

3. Ease of Use

Bottle Top Dispensers are known for their ease of use and safety. They provide a closed, ideal environment for reagents, preventing accidental spilling and reducing the risk of exposing the users to hazardous chemicals. The adapters provided with most Bottle Top Dispensers allow the dispenser to fit most lab reagent bottles comfortably.

4. No Wastage of Chemicals

Designed ergonomically, Bottle Top Dispensers prevent wastage and accidental spilling of reagents. They are equipped with a recirculation valve which prevents the loss of reagents during purging by redirecting them into the mounted bottle and facilitating bubble-free dispensing. Other than this, if the recirculation valve is closed and the piston is pressed down accidentally, the reagent will go back into the bottle rather than spilling out.

Innovative Design Features of Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers

While selecting the perfect Bottle Top Dispenser, a user should take into account certain innovative design features. Some of the features that are present in the Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers are highlighted below:

Feature exclusive to Microlit Ultimus

  • Dual Inlet™ technology is an award-winning technology patented in India, the EU and the US. Microlit Ultimus with Dual Inlet™ technology is a state-of-the-art dispenser across the globe. It offers 4 liquid handling modes – rinsing, dilution, refilling, purging – without dismounting the dispens

Feature exclusive to Microlit Lentus

  • The Microlit Lentus™ is made using chemically-inert materials and features components like PTFE Piston & an ETP O-Ring, FEP inlet & outlet tubes, FEP Barrel, and a high purity ceramic valve system for safe dispensing of Hydrofluoric Acid & High Purity Media.

Feature exclusive to Microlit Beatus & Microlit Lentus

  • Recirculation Valve prevents the loss of reagents during purging by re-directing them into the mounted bottle and facilitates bubble-free dispensing.

Features common across all Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers – Ultimus, Beatus, Scitus & Lentus

  • Springless Valve™ facilitates smooth & jam-free functioning.
  • EasyKnob™ is a specially designed volume adjustment knob that allows 180° rotation for easy & effortless volume setting.
  • FlexiNozzle™ is an adjustable delivery nozzle. It offers a high degree of flexibility, facilitating easy dispensing in demanding laboratory conditions.

Obtaining correct results in the designated timelines is the objective of any study. With the help of Bottle Top Dispensers, the user gets a step closer to getting accurate and precise results, with efficient time utilisation. It is strongly recommended to give considerable time & attention to the variant of the Bottle Top Dispenser that will best suit the study being carried out.

Microlit offers you a choice of four Bottle Top Dispensers – Ultimus, Beatus, Scitus & Lentus™ – which are all easy to use and help you achieve the desired results at a rapid pace.

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