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Why Go Handheld for Skin Temperature Screening?

Mobile, quick to set up, and ready to go in minutes.  As businesses and venues begin to reopen, FLIR handheld thermal cameras can be a first line of defense against potential health risks by screening for EST (Elevated Skin Temperature). These cameras allow operators to screen people from a safe distance, detecting and visualizing heat to quickly identify individuals with an EST.  Built-in Screen-EST™ Mode has visible/audible alarms for rapid decision-making.  Ambient drift compensation ensures accurate measurement regardless of environmental conditions.  These cameras are also compatible with FLIR Screen-EST™ Desktop software for full-featured, automatic screening.

In addition, these cameras can still be your go-to predictive & preventative maintenance solution.  Maximize the value of your investment by not only screening your people, but your facility as well.  FLIR’s E75-24 has the sensitivity and resolution needed to diagnose problems and find hidden deficiencies, even from a distance. The 320 x 240 true native resolution offers more than 76,000 points of temperature measurement and produces crisp, vibrant imagery, while interchangeable lenses offer complete coverage of near and distant targets.

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