Accommodating Diverse Hairstyles and Head Sizes in the Cleanroom













To avoid contamination in the cleanroom, you have to look at its primary source:  People. They are the largest contributor, accounting for 46 percent of all particle contamination.1

Body regenerative processes, such as skin flakes, oils, perspiration, and hair, all can contribute to cleanroom contamination. And even the most carefully manicured person generates a shroud of particles from his or her skin, hair, and clothing every day.2

That’s why it’s imperative that cleanroom apparel, including hoods and masks, be designed to eliminate gaps in protection and sized to fit a diverse range of workers, hair styles, and head shapes and sizes.

Working with cleanroom operators, Kimberly-Clark Professional has created a common-sense solution to address these fit concerns:  the Kimtech™ A5 Sterile Integrated Hood and Mask.

This innovative product makes it easier to accommodate today's modern and diverse hairstyles comfortably and consistently. Another benefit is that the Kimtech™ Sterile A5 Integrated Hood and Mask combines two donning steps (hood and mask) into one, simplifying the donning process and further reducing the risk of contamination.

This sterile product features a stretch-fit elastic hood and opening, tunneled overseams to prevent particle shedding, and Clean-Don Technology ties for a more secure fit.

And, your hoods and masks no longer need to end up in the landfill and prevent you from achieving your sustainability goals. All hoods, masks, cleanroom apparel, and gloves from Kimberly-Clark Professional can be recycled via The RightCycle™ Program.

If you have challenges with a good aseptic fit in your cleanroom, especially with hoods and masks, ask your Thomas Scientific Representative about proven cleanroom solutions from Kimberly-Clark Professional.



1 “The Contamination Risks Posed by Laundered Cleanroom Apparel,” Kimberly-Clark Professional white paper, 2014

2 "Gowning Procedures." Gowning Procedure -. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Oct. 2018.



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