Join The RightCycle Program for Earth Day 2021

This year on Earth Day you can take a big step toward reducing your solid waste stream.

If you use nitrile gloves, single-use apparel items or safety eyewear, instead of tossing them in the trash, you can divert them from the landfill and give them new life through The RightCycle™ Program.

This groundbreaking service from Kimberly-Clark Professional enables companies to collect previously hard-to-recycle items and have them turned into new consumer goods. Since 2011, the program has helped large global customers, universities, research facilities, nonprofits and a range of businesses divert more than 1,400 metric tons of waste from landfills. There are currently more than 800 customers in The RightCycle Program.

The RightCycle Program is easy to implement and will provide you with ongoing reports and metrics on your waste diversion efforts. Every year, program participants who divert significant amounts of solid waste from landfills are recognized with the Chelsea Santucci Greenovation Awards.

And in addition to the environmental benefits, through partnerships with community-based groups such as the Jackson County Developmental Center (JCDC) in West Virginia, the program provides jobs for people with disabilities – employing them to remove zippers, cuffs and nose piece wires from used PPE. 

“The RightCycle Program is all about making a difference – diverting used garments, gloves and safety eyewear from the waste stream and giving them a second life,” said Lisa Morden, vice president of safety and sustainability for Kimberly-Clark. “Working with JCDC enables us to extend the social impact of the program by helping to provide employment opportunities that help to improve people’s lives.”


If you have not already done so, isn’t it time you switched to Kimberly-Clark Professional recyclable PPE? Click HERE for more information!

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