How to choose the right homogenizer

Choosing a homogenizer can be time-consuming and expensive. It is important to know the right questions to ask when selecting a high-shear laboratory homogenizer.

1. What accessories are necessary to run the homogenizer?

To begin homogenizing all you need is a homogenizer and to select your generator probe accessory (the stainless steel component that goes into your sample).
With high-shear homogenizing, there are no special tubes, beads, or expensive systems to have to invest in or to continue to buy.  Some homogenizer manufacturers have even made the process simpler and offer homogenizing packages that have been pre-selected to assist in this process and provide you with everything you need to begin homogenizing.


2. How does this homogenizer differ from the competition? What makes it superior in quality and cost-effective for the scientist?

Often the biggest two aspects that set homogenizer companies and their equipment apart is the design of the generator probe and the warranty of the equipment.
Your research is important to you and you should find a generator probe that provides you the highest breakdown yield in less time and durability for a long life span.  Look for the following:

  • Constructed from 316SS and designed to be chemically compatible with your research
  • Precision crafted with a very narrow/tight clearance between the inner rotation shaft and outer tube/chamber, which allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you get the results you want each and every time
  • Generator probes feature an interlocking design connecting the generator probe to the homogenizer.  This provides safety and no vibration.  This also helps alleviate any wear on both the generator probe AND motor unit
  • Designed to be anti-foaming in design and are very easy to take apart and clean in between samples
  • Full line of replacement parts are available, thereby extending the life of this valuable piece of equipment
  • Feature a 2-Year Warranty – Look for equipment that has a warranty on BOTH the homogenizer and the generator probe!

Unlike with a bead homogenizer’s breakdown ability, a high quality generator probe can allow you to homogenize down to a submicron level if needed.  A generator probe should be precision crafted with a very narrow clearance between the inner rotating shaft and outer tube/chamber. This allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you will get the results you want each and every time! A bead homogenizer can process multiple samples at the same time, however, the sample breakdown level is less and it takes a longer processing time per tube.

3. Does the company offer application and technical phone support before/after the product purchase?

A few manufacturers have an extensive application database to assist you with any questions you might have. Also, only some offer an in-house service center to troubleshoot any problems that might arise with your homogenizing equipment.

4. Ask about maintenance of the homogenizer

The maintenance of most homogenizer motor units is fairly straightforward, there will be a bit more maintenance required to make sure the precision and efficiency of the generator probe is maintained.  The support that each manufacturer offers may vary drastically from a lot to absolutely nothing.
Most generator probes will have some wearing components that will need to be replaced once worn.  However, some manufacturers do not sell replacement components for a probe and you would be required to purchase a whole new probe when yours is worn.  Make sure the manufacturer offers replacement components to help protect your equipment and leads to the longevity of the equipment.

We know you have a lot of choices to make in your lab, so we want to help make choosing a lab homogenizer as simple as possible.

Be it a handheld homogenizer, benchtop homogenizer, high-shear homogenizer or automated homogenizing system, we have a product to suit your needs and can assist you in easily choosing too! 

Order yours today!

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