Reditus Laboratories Joins Forces with Thomas Scientific for Expanded Distribution

PEKIN, Ill. and SWEDESBORO, N.J. – Thomas Scientific, the nation's largest pure-play distributor of scientific products, has officially entered into a supplier partnership with Reditus Laboratories, LLC, d/b/a "GRD," a full-service pathology laboratory also specializing in PCR/molecular testing and anatomical/clinical pathology.

Reditus, which provides pathology and molecular services to healthcare facilities across Illinois, has also delivered more than 2,400,000 COVID-19 tests since April 2020. This significant uptick in the PCR testing portion of their business eventually prompted Reditus/GRD to develop real-time PCR assays and extraction kits made for RUO. These products are the primary initial focus of the distribution agreement with Thomas Scientific.

Reditus/GRD's Pathogen Extraction Reagents (RUO) provide a simple, reliable, and affordable alternative to other commercial reagents for nucleic acid extraction for downstream applications like PCR and NGS. The Reagents can be used with both manual and automated extraction methods, such as KingFisher FLEX systems. Reditus/GRD has also developed the FluV19 multiplex RT-PCR (RUO) assay capable of detecting SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, and Influenza B. Additionally, detection of human RNase P is also included in the multiplex assay as an internal extraction control for sample matrixes containing human cells.

"Our intent, through partnership with Thomas Scientific, is to provide cost effective and reliable reagents for use in molecular biology," stated Dr. Joshua Geltz, Director of the Reditus Molecular Laboratory and Dr. Aaron Rossi, CEO in a joint statement. "Our strategy focuses on universal applications for molecular biology with fewer steps, greater reproducibility in recovery of extraction material, and increased confidence of quality results with real-time assays."


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